Peach garden oath

Grade: Shu Chronicle Quest

Quest NPC: Historian

Players: 1

S-Rank Time: 2:31min +

Strat ~

1. Head toward's Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu - Killing any troops you happen upon.

2. Upon request Kill 100 troop's, as soon as you get your 100th kill run straight towards the spawn position of General of the Land & General of the People (right side of map near bridge).

3. Kill General of the Land & General of the People. This trigger's Zhang Jiao (General of Heaven) , make your way to his location (center of map), run past him and capture Base 5 (100 Troops) by time you do this Both Cao Cao and Liu Bei will of appeared near Zhang Jiao. lead Cao Cao to Jiao and then when Jiao is almost dead finish him off. Killing the Center Troops as you go.

4. Now you will have to wait for a Fire Attack, use this time to take the base 4 (4 Towers). Once capture start killing the Troops on the left path leading North. (only need to kill Captains then unit will all die)

5.You will be asked to eliminate all the troops on the battlefield. you should of cleared the left path by this time so double back and head up the right path, (purple path on above map) ending with Capturing Base 3 (4 Captain)

6. Finally head up to Liu Bei killing the troops in this area to Complete the Quest.

Rank Condition Reward

Time: 2:31+

Also Effected by time to defeat all troops after Fire Attack

Peach Garden Oath Chronicle


Video of Quest

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