Pride map

Grade: A

Quest NPC: Dian Wei or Xu Zhu (Trust Needed)

Major Domestic Bonus: Military

Minor Domestic Bonus: Technology / Peace

Players: 1

Strat ~

Capture 3 Bases

Defeat 800 Troops

Defeat 4 Officers (Yellow Dots on Map)

Defeat the Boss (Has Hyper Armor)

DO NOT Defeat Cao Cao

Level of Difficulty is like that of a Promotion Quest, and should be treated the same way.

First flask up close by and procced around the map any direction you like, K,O Flask,Capture,Defeat. you have to Complete the first 3 objectives before the Boss will appear.

Rank Condition Reward
S 3:30 -
A -
B -
C -
D -
E -

Video of Quest
Coming Soon

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