Pursuit map

Grade: C

Quest NPC: Marshal

Major Domestic Bonus: Military

Minor Domestic Bonus: Distribution

Players: 2

Time: 11:55

Strat ~

Need a total of 1329 K.Os between you both. and kill the Leaders of each wave as well.

2 Fast K.O weapons is highly suggested and either Mountable Elephants or Keep your Lieutenant on Musou charge.

Troops will appear in waves (numbers 1 to 7 on Map) after awhile they will retreat so you have to K.O fast. it is best to have 1 person at the longest point of where the troops appear and the other closest, so you meet in the middle.

there is only 1385 Troops in total so be fast and leave none standing (Yes must kill all the archers)

Rank Condition Reward
S 1329 K.Os & Captains

Large Flask x4 Tiger Fur x1 Ice Orb x4

A 1251+ K.Os

Large Flask x4 Feather Amulet x4

B 1201 K.Os

Large Flask x2 Feather Amulet x1

C 1151 K.Os

Large Flask x2 Feather Amulet x1

D 1101 K.Os

Large Flask x2

E 1000 K.Os

300 Gold


Video of Quest
Coming Soon

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