In Dynasty Warrior Online, a player advances his or her character by ranking up.

This is done by gaining Honor points via Battles or Quests. Once the player has acquired the necessary amount of Honor points he/she can rank up by completing the Quest given by the General you serve under.

For players under Guard rank (below 200 Honors), The Instructor will be the NPC that give promotion quests until player achieved Guard rank and "graduate" from the "Musou Dojo."

Once you achieve the rank of Guard you can choose a General to serve under (Click Here for more information by selection your Faction)

The General you serve under will be the person who gives you pay every 6 months in game time (7.5 days in real life).

You will also receive special bonuses depending on the general you serve under. Every subsequent promotion you receive will also increase your salary pay.

Honor Ranks

Rank Number Rank Required Honor Useable Weapon level Forced Rank up
1 Recruit 0 1
2 Corporal 20 1
3 Sergeant 50 1
4 Lt. Major 100 1
5 Guard 200 2
6 Lt. Colonel 500 3 O
7 Colonel 1,000 3 O
8 Field General 2,000 4 O
9 Support General 3,000 4
10 Rear General 5,000 4
11 Counselor General 7,000 4
12 Front General 10,000 5 O
13 4th Elite General 15,000 5
14 Perimeter General 20,000 6
15 Strategist General 30,000 6
16 Chariot General 50,000 6
17 Cavalry General 70,000 6
18 Grand General 100,000 6
19 Governor 200,000 6
20 Governor General 500,000 6
21 Grand Marshal 1,000,000 6

For a more in depth explanation please view Pans chart below:


(As of March 2012)

Other Ranks

Grand Master

This is not a rank perse, this is a position used within the game for players who wish to help other players by being on a list which other players can view and use to call upon the Grand Master for questions and information.

Grand Master can be set on the status screen.

To become a Grand Master you must:

  • Achieved rank of Front General (10,000 Honor) and above
  • Have all 5 domestic affair values at 20 and above
  • Talk to the Administrator in the Market
  • Travel to another Force during a Coalition

Being a Grand General does get a Stipend increase.

Grand General Extra Ranks

In order to get these extra ranks you must have:

  • Achieved rank of Grand General (100,000 Honors) and above
  • Have all 5 domestic affair values at 50 and above.
  • Campaign Starting is when these Titles are given and last until the next Campaign begins. (unless you qualify for the same title)

  1. No. 1 in Overall Honor Ranking = Chancellor (相国)
  2. No. 1 in Overall Quest Ranking = Prime Minister (丞相)
  3. No. 1 in Overall Battle Results (Melee Victory Count) = Secretary (太師)
  4. No. 2 - 10 in Quest's Overall Ranking = Minister of Interior (司徒)
  5. No. 11 - 20 in Quest's Overall Ranking = Minister of Works (司空)
  6. No. 21 - 30 in Quest's Overall Ranking = Court Scribe (中書)
  7. No. 31 - 50 in Quest's Overall Ranking = Minister (尚書)
  8. No. 2 - 10 in Overall's Battle Results (Melee Victory Count) = Grand Commandant (太尉)
  9. No. 11 - 20 in Overall's Battle Results (Melee Victory Count) = Grand Tutor (太傳)
  10. No. 21 - 30 in Overall's Battle Results (Melee Victory Count) = Lower Tutor (少師)
  11. No. 31 - 50 in Overall's Battle Results (Melee Victory Count) = Court Scribe (少傳)

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