Rear map

Upon reaching 5000 Honor you can take the Rear General Promotion Quest.

From your General under Quests

Grade: B

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus: Military

Map: Wall



(Using Map) From the Start flask up attack and Damage as you head to Base 1 and Capture it. then destroy the Wall and Capture Base 2.

then head back to the K.O Area and kill till 550, then head back thorugh base 1 and go left, destroy the wall and Capture Base 3. (this will put you at 650+ K.O)

Finally head up and destroy the wall leading to your General then go Capture Base 4 and kill outside the base for whatevers left for 700K.Os

Now your General will appear. lead them to the Crate (Marked roughly on the Map) and hope for an Imperial Seal, use your Musou and Attack x2 to defeat them to complete the Quest.

  1. 4 Captain Base
  2. Tower Base
  3. 100 Troops Base
  4. Officer Base

Once 600 K.Os and Bases are completed your General will appear, there are several Boxes around the area which could have either an Imperial Seal or an Item Pouch. As per normal for a Promotion test try and get an Attack x2 before your General Appears.

Rank & Reward

Rank Reward

+1 Cape of your Faction & 1 Special Items

Video Guide

Coming Soon

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