Grade: D

Quest NPC: Bar Manager Major Domestic Bonus: Military Minor Domestic Bonus: Peace Players: 1 Strat ~

  • Kill All the Troops around Base 3 and 4
  • Capture Base 4 (Captins)
  • Capture Base 3 (Troops)
  • Capture Base 1 (Captins) ~ Time Limit Increase of 3 Mins
  • Head Towards Base 5
  • Defeat the Hyper Armor Officer who appears just outside the Base

Rank Condition Reward

No Reinforcements Appear - Bandit Chief Dead

Stone Belt x2
Scale Amulet x1 Scale Amulet Belt Recipe

A Reinforcements Appear after Bandit Chief Appears - Defeat Bandit Chief Stone Belt x2
B Reinforcements Appear Before Bandit Chief Stone Belt x1
C ~ 400 Gold
D ~ 300 Gold
E ~ 200 Gold


Video Of Quest

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