Save lu feng v2

Grade : B

Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Major Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Minor Domestic Bonus: Distribution

Players: 2

Time: 14:55

Strat ~

Player 1

  • Head to the K.O area and kill 500 troops (more troops will spawn once you get 100 K.O.s)
  • Wait on the K.O area until player 2 captures the Yellow Base (Do not approach any base)
  • Reveal the boss' location by beating Captains marked to the map above as red dots. Captains have armor . (A random captain triggers it. No need to defeat all once boss has appeared).
  • Defeat the boss that appears next to enemy supply base (9/10 he is at the location marked above).

Player 2

  • Wait by your starting location for Player 1 to get 500 K.O.s (do NOT K.O. or move towards the East)
  • Quickly run and capture Base 4 (Captain Base) after 500 K.O.s is achieved by Player 1 (go through the empty area not through Base 6)
  • Kill the Captains to reveal the Boss' location.

Rank Condition Reward Partner Reward
S Time: 5:00 Tornado Orb x2
Dragon Amulet x4
Tortoise Amulet x4
Sunflower seeds x2
Strawberry seed x3
Xiongnu Cloth x1
Tortoise Amulet x3
Dragon Amulet x3
Tiger Amulet x5
Tornado Orb x1
A Tornado Orb x2
Enchanted Mirror x4

Tortoise Amulet x3
Stone Belt x4
Tiger Amulet x4


Stone Belt x4
Tiger Amulet x3

D Tortoise Amulet x3 Dragon Amulet x3Tiger amulets x5Tornado Orb x1
E Stone Belt x2
250 Gold


Video Of Quest
Rescue Lu Feng - JPN04:31

Rescue Lu Feng - JPN

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