Grade: D

Quest NPC: Tailor

Major Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Minor Domestic Bonus: Technology

Players: 1

Time: 14:59

Strat ~ Find the Apprentice by Capturing Bases

The Apprentice is hiding in 1 of the 5 Enemie Bases (Includes Supply Base). Capture the Bases as fast as you can to find him.

Bases 4 & 2 = 4 Captain Base

Bases 1 & 6 = Tower Bases

The Quest is rather Simple however due to time limitations you will only have time to capture 3 bases for the S-Rank

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 11:15 Wuhuan Cloth , Herbal Tea x4
A Time: 8:10 Tortoise Amulet x2
B Time: 6:30 Tortoise Amulet x1
C Time: 4:30 400 Gold
D Time:2:15 300 Gold
E Unknown 200 Gold


Video Of Quest
Dynasty Warriors Online Rescue the Apprentice S-002:27

Dynasty Warriors Online Rescue the Apprentice S-0

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