Current Scenario (each server) - List of old Scenarios - and future Scenarios (as known)

Current Scenario

The Little Conqueror - Dragon Strike

TLC 5 13 205

As of 5/13/205 Ingame


~Due to how late this was updated, generals will be as of current(5/13/205 ingame), with stragglers still in NPC factions~

Cao Cao's Forces(Wei)

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Cao Cao Broad Sword X Peace Musou
Xiahou Dun Scimitar X Distribution Attack
Xiahou Yuan Battle Rod X Technology Damage
Xu Huang Battle Axe X Technology Damage
Xu Zhu Great Club O Commerce Damage
Cao Ren Buckler Blade X Commerce Defense
Dian Wei Hand Axe O Military Life

Sun Ce's Forces (Wu)

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Sun Ce Tonfa X Technology Attack
Sun Quan Wolf Sword X Peace Attack
Zhou Tai Eastern Sword X Distribution Damage
Sun Shang Xiang Chakrams X Distribution Defense
Zhou Yu Iron Sword X Commerce Musou
Huang Gai Iron Rod O Military Damage
Da Qiao Twin Fans X Technology Attack
Xiao Qiao Double Fans X Distribution Defense
Lu Bu Halberd O Military Attack
Zhang Liao Pole Blade X Technology Musou
Zhen Ji^ Flute X Distribution Musou

Liu Bei's Forces (Shu)

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Liu Bei Long Sword X Peace Defense
Zhao Yun Bronze Spear X Distribution Life
Guan Yu Crescent Blade O Commerce Attack
Zhang Fei Bronze Pike O Military Musou
Yuan Shao Noble Sword X Peace Attack
Zhang He Iron Claws X Commerce Damage
Diao Chan^ Twin Maces X Commerce Life
Taishi Ci Twin Rods O Military Damage

^ - The error was never fixed on this server, therefor Diao Chan and Zhen Ji have switched factions.

Ma Teng's Forces

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Ma Chao Iron Spear X Technology Life
Pang De Twin Picks X Military Defense

Liu Biao's Forces

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Gan Ning Pirate Sword X Technology Attack
Huang Zhong War Blade X Distribution Life
Wei Yan Curved Voulge X Military Attack

Cao Cao's Forces (Wei)

Blue Heavens Azure Phoenix Phoenix Rising
Wei r1 Wei r2 Wei r3
+1 +2 +3
Azure Flames Phoenix Banner Glittering Phoenix Banner -
Wei r4 Wei r5 Wei r6
+4 +5 +6
- - Cao Pi
Wei r7 Wei r8 Cao pi big
+7 +8 WEI

Sun Ce's Forces (Wu)

Crimson Red Crimson Tiger Tiger Burning
Wu r1 Wu r2 Wu r3
+1 +2 +3
Crimson Flames Tiger Banner Glittering Tiger Banner -
Wu r4 Wu r5 Wu r6
+4 +5 +6
- - Sun Quan
Wu r7 Wu r8 Quanbig
+7 +8 WU

Liu Bei's Forces (Shu)

Verdant Wind Verdant Dragon Dragon Rising
Shu r1 Shu r2 Shu r3
+1 +2 +3
Verdant Flames Dragon Banner Glittering Dragon Banner -
Shu r4 Shu r5 Shu r6
+4 +5 +6
- - Liu Bei
Shu r7 Shu r8 Shu9
+7 +8 SHU

Scenarios on Each Server

Japan - Rise of Jin - DWOZ

United States - The Little Conqueror - Dragon Strike

Taiwan - The Little Conqueror

China - The Little Conqueror

Scenario's Time Line

Japan Server

Anti-Dong Zhuo Union (November 2006 ~ November 2007)

Surrounding Lu Bu (November 2007 ~ July 2008)

Battle of Guan Du (July 2008 ~ March 2009)

Battle of Chi Bi ~ Shisho Ranbu (March 2009 ~ November 2009)

Unrest in Jing (November 2009 ~ November 2010)

Diao Chan's Plot ~ Souten Ranbu (November 2010 ~ July 2011)

Battle of Tong Gate (July 2011 ~ March 2012)

Battle of Yi Ling ~ Ryujin Ranbu (March 2012 ~ November 2012)

The Little Conqueror  ~ (November 2012 ~ July 2013)

Rise of Jin(DWOZ) ~ (July 2013 ~ TBA)

US Server

Unrest in Jing (November 2010 ~ March 2011)

Diao Chan's Plot ~ Heavenly Strike (March 2011 ~ November 2011)

Battle of Tong Gate ~ Heavenly Strike(November 2011 ~ July 2012)

Battle of Yi Ling ~ Dance of the Dragon (August 2012 ~ June 2013)

The Little Conqueror  ~ Dragon Strike ( June 2013 ~ TBA)

Rise of Jin(DWOZ) ~ (TBA ~ TBA)