All gear sewing types require a Loom.

Loom Hand Loom
Loom Loom
Gear 0 ~ +3 Gear 0 ~ +5
Heavy Loom Master Loom
Heavy Loom R4 loom
Gear 0 ~ +7 Gear 0 ~ +9

Communal Loom can sew any gear level (0 ~ +9). Starting from level 0 to level 7, the higher level the lower % of success. However, it's oddly noticed that the levels of +8 and +9 have higher % of success with the communal loom.


Sewing is used to create new gears. Sewing comes in three forms: Basic sewing, Special sewing and Celestial sewing.

Basic Sewing

In order to craft a basic sew gear there are 3 required materials: Cloths, Base Gear, and Ore. The Base Gear is an ordinary basic gear of any level which when combined with the cloths, the result is completely different gear of the same level and type. (example: use a +5 base and get the new gear in +5) Dyed gears can NOT be used in sewing and the results of sewing can't be dyed either. Cloths are town items which can be obtained through quests. Check the table below for each type of cloth and its required quest.

Cloth How to Obtain
Xianbei125 Xianbei Cloth is obtained from S ranking Menacing Troops
Utopia Wuling Cloth is obtained from S ranking Path Maintenance
Mountin Mountain Cloth is obtained from the Quest Rescue Lu Feng with S Rank
Karasuma Karasuma is obtained from the Quest Rescue the Apprentice with S Rank
Nanman Nanman Cloth is obtained from the Quest 伝令護送作戦 with S Rank
Xiongnu Shanyue Cloth is obtained from S ranking Eliminate the Bandits
West Qiang Xiqiang Cloth is obtained from S ranking The Targeted Fleet

Female Sewing Combinations

Combinations highlighted in pink are not yet on US server

Cloth Base Result
Xianbei125 Female body (12) NFsewUP125
Xianbei Royal Robe ?
Xianbei125 Female body (106) Female body (21)
Xianbei Peach Beauty Forest Dress
Xianbei125 Female feet (27)125 Female feet (6)125
Xianbei Royal Boots Forest Boots
Utopia Female body (110) Female body (97)
Wuling Light Battle Armor Peach Orchard Dress
Utopia Download (10)2 New2
Wuling Golden Horned Helm Illuminated Crown
Mountin Female body (30) Female body x
Xiongnu Light Leather Armor Snow Wolf Outfit
Mountin Female body (34) New sewf
Xiongnu Regal Black Warriors Dress
Mountin Female head gear (96) WarCrown125
Xiongnu Purple Plume Helmet War Crown
Karasuma Female body (63) Female body (16)
Wuhuan Wool Garb Crimson Gown
Karasuma Female head gear (1222) Female head gear (232)
Wuhuan Feather Crown Ray Cap
Karasuma ? Wuhun2ndFsew125
Wuhuan ? ?
Nanman Female body (17) Female body (98)
Nanman Red Poppy Southern Tribal Outfit
Nanman Female feet (02) New F Feet unknown
Nanman Leg Guards Tribal Shoes
Nanman Golden Comb2 New0002head2
Nanman Golden Comb Fierce Winged Crown
Xiongnu Female body (7) Female body (105)
Shanyue Royal Coral Heavenly Gown
Xiongnu Female head gear (71)2 Female head gear (133)2
Shanyue Wedding Crown Dashing Crown
West Qiang Female body (55) Female body (54)
Xiqiang Crimson Beauty Leopard Outfit
West Qiang Female head gear (32)2 Female head gear (79)2
Xiqiang Festival Mask Red Mask
West Qiang Female feet (7)2 New0003small2
Xiqiang Crimson Boots Long Socks

Male Sewing Combinations

Combinations highlighted in blue are not yet on the US server

Cloth Base Result
Xianbei125 Male Body (42) NMsewUP125
Xianbei Golden Dragon ?
Xianbei125 Male Body (56) Male Body (1)
Xianbei Dark Robe Tribal Garb
Xianbei125 Male Feet (30) Male Feet (38)
Xianbei Zephyr Boots Tribal Boots
Mountin Male Body (86) Male Body (6)
Xiongnu War God Armor Snow Wolf Garb
Mountin Male Body (94) Nmb sew
Xiongnu Breast Plate Barbarian Armor
Mountin Male Head Gear (159) Heaven
Xiongnu Fur Helmet Wolf Heaven
Utopia Male Body (60) Male Body (72)
Wuling Lamellar Armor Black Plated Armor
Utopia Male Head Gear (77) Jeweled Crown
Wuling War Helmet Jewelled Crown
Karasuma Male Body (123) New F unknown
Wuhuan Light Cavalry Dress Crimson Suit
Karasuma Male Head Gear (151) New3
Wuhuan Leopard Skin Cap Long Feather Cap
Karasuma ? Wuhun2ndMsew125
Wuhuan ? ?
Xiongnu Male Body (19) Male Body (46)
Shanyue Mage's Robe Heavenly Armor
Xiongnu Male Head Gear (171) Male Head Gear (110)
Shanyue Black Hat Golden Hat
Nanman Male Body (11) New
Nanman Young Battle Clothes Rising Ambition
Nanman Male Head Gear (111) New0005small
Nanman Golden Crown Beast King Helm
Nanman ? New5
Nanman ? Tribal Anklets
West Qiang Male Body (90) Male Body (55)
Xiqiang Blue Flame Leopard Garb
West Qiang Male Head Gear (135) New4
Xiqiang Owl Mask Black Mask
West Qiang Demon Demon booots
Xiqiang Demon Boots Noble Boots

Special Sewing

As for special sewing, special cloths require and these cloths can be earned as rewards when attempting at Kunlun Mountains. Special sewing do only require Ores and the cloth itself. The gender of the special sewing gears depends on who sewed them. If your char is male, the results will be always male type gears. Special sewing gears can't be dyed. Special Cloths are found in four levels, +0 +1 +2 +3, and each level can result one of certain gear levels different than another special cloth level.

+0 cloth => +0 or +1 gears.

+1 => +2, +3

+2 => +2, +3, +4

+3 => +5, +6

Nu Wa Cloth Fu Xi Cloth
Nu Wa Cloth Fu Xi

Female Sewing version

Fu Xi Set
Gen fenmale (29) Gen fenmale (30)
Gen fenmale (31) Gen fenmale (32)
Nu Wa Set
Gen fenmale (9) Gen fenmale (10)
Gen fenmale (11) Gen fenmale (12)

Male Sewing version

Nu Wa Set
Nu Wa head Male Nu Wa Body Male
Nu Wa hands Male Nu Wa feet Male
Fu Xi Set
Gen fenmale (29) Gen fenmale (30)
Gen fenmale (31) Gen fenmale (32)

Note: Nu Wa and Fu Xi set gear is an Unrivaled General's Uniform

Celestial God Sew

The third type of sewing a.k.a Divine Beast sewing gears requires two major materials in addition to an amount of Ores. First material which is a dyed fabric, and dyed fabrics can be combined by fussing a dye with a Blank Fabric, and each dyed fabric can only be used with a specific part of the Divine Beast.

The second material, the Divine Beast drops, can be obtained through Kunlun Mountains. Beast Items can be found in +0, +1, +2 and +3 qualities. However, unlike the special sewing, the results will always be imbued with level 5 element resistance in accordance with the beast. Celestial gears can be sewed to both female and male genders regardless to the char's gender itself.

Qinglong Divine Set gear

Divine Part Fabric Result
Dragon whisker s Shiro fabric s Seiryu head f small
Beard Pure White Fabric Holy Blue Dragon Comb
Dragon bauble s Pink fabric s Seiryu body f small
Jewel Pink Fabric Holy Blue Dragon Shell
Dragon skin s D blue fabric s Seiryu hands f small
Scale Indigo Fabric Holy Blue Dragon Wristguards
Dragon tail s Yellow fabric s Seiryu boots f small
Tail Golden Fabric Holy Blue Dragon Legguards
Dragon whisker s Orange fabric s Seiryu head m small
Beard Vermillion Fabric Divine Blue Dragon Helm
Dragon bauble s Purple fabric s Seiryu body m small
Jewel Deep Purple Fabric Divine Blue Dragon Armor
Dragon skin s Green fabric s Seiryu hands m small
Scale Deep Green Fabric Divine Blue Dragon Wristguards
Dragon tail s Red fabric s Seiryu boots m small
Tail Crimson Fabric Divine Blue Dragon Legguards

Zhuque Divine Set gear

Divine Part Fabric Result
Shiro fabric s
Beak Pure White Fabric Firebird Crown
Pink fabric s
Gem Pink Fabric Firebird Garment
D blue fabric s
Wings Indigo Fabric Firebird Gauntlets
Yellow fabric s
Tailfeather Golden Fabric Firebird Shoes
Orange fabric s
Beak Vermillion Fabric Firebird Mask
Purple fabric s
Gem Deep Purple Fabric Firebird Robes
Green fabric s
Wings Deep Green Fabric Firebird Guards
Red fabric s
Tailfeather Crimson Fabric Firebird Boots

Baihu Divine Set gear

Divine Part Fabric Result
Shiro fabric s
Whisker Pure White Fabric White Tiger Comb
Pink fabric s
Jewel Pink Fabric White Tiger Clothes
D blue fabric s
Fang Indigo Fabric White Tiger Guards
Yellow fabric s
Tail Golden Fabric White Tiger Shoes
Orange fabric s
Whisker Vermillion Fabric White Tiger Mask
Purple fabric s
Jewel Deep Purple Fabric White Tiger Armor
Green fabric s
Claw Deep Green Fabric White Tiger Wristguards
Red fabric s
Tail Crimson Fabric White Tiger Leggings

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