The Kingdom of Shu

Liu BeiBIG

Officers in Shu

Liu Bei Guan Yu Zhang Fei Zhuge Liang Zhao Yun
Liu Bei Guan Yu Zhnag Fei Zhuge liang Zhao yun
Peace Commerce Military Distribution Distribution
Defence + 7 Attack + 7 Musou + 15 Defence + 7 Life + 15
Yue Ying Huang Zhong Wei Yan Guan Ping Pang Tong
Yue ying Huang zhong Wei yan Guan ping Shutong
Commerce Distribution Military Military Commerce
Defence + 7 Life + 15 Attack + 7 Attack + 7 Musou + 15

Capital & Target Citys

Coming when Scenario is on EN Server

Other Information

SHU Stamp Shu Musou Board Stamp
SHU Alliance Shu Alliance Symbol

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