Spirit items are items that allow you to change into the Unrivaled General they are named after. This changes your Advanced + into Musou Rage.

While transformed you maintain a Level 3 Armor Level.

These items are acquired in Campaign by defeating a general of the opposing faction in a campaign battle. They cannot be used in Showdowns.

Table is listed in alphabetical order.

General Spirit Weapon Moveset Differences from normal moveset Emblems to mimic General moveset
Cao Cao Broad Sword No difference. Thrust/Fan
Cao Pi Twin Blades Pressing Normal after C2, C4, C5 and C6 will launch a floating Ice orb. E1: Thrust
Cao Ren Buckler Blade C1 forward foot stomp with the left foot to cause a small AoE. C6 runs forward with Buckler close to the body. None
Da Qiao Twin Fans - E6: Eclipse
Dian Wei Hand Axe C6 slams the Axe infront creating an AoE, unlike Crescent there is no twirl in place. E1: Moon
Diao Chan Twin Maces C1 slides on the ground. E6: Fan
Dong Zhuo Tyrant Sword C1 left foot stomp causing a small AoE. C6 slams the Sword on the ground in front causing an AoE. None
Gan Ning Pirate Sword C1 sprints forward slashing left and right ending with a frontal slash to the left while holding the Sword backwards, despite the animation it only hits once. Musou attack hits stun. E6: Eclipse
Guan Ping Iron Blade C1 is a hopping downward Sword slam creating a small AoE. C4 can be repeated up to 4 times. E6: Fan
Guan Yu Crescent Blade C1 hops forward while spinning the Blade in front. C6 creates a shockwave upon a slash motion to the right. None
Huang Gai Iron Rod C5 doesn't launch the enemy straight up. C6 pounds the ground with the Rod creating an AoE. E1: Moon
Huang Zhong War Blade Dash Attack stuns. C1 shoots series of 5 arrows, can be repeated up to 6 times. C3 shoots 5 arrows. C6 does two spinning frontal slashes to the right. Jump Charge shoots 5 arrows. None
Ling Tong Wood Nunchaku C1 does a quick dashing frontal kick. C4 is a large AoE upon the kick that knocks the enemy on their back, it is element active unlike Nunchaku. C6 does a spinning hop creating a large AoE. None
Liu Bei Apex Blade C1 does a forward dodging dash to go behind the enemy, and then a quick slash. E6: Eclipse
Lu Bu Halberd

C1 first two frontal strikes do fire damage, but only hit once as it knocks back. C1 Natural Fire Element.

Lu Meng Glaive C1 shoots floating red orb with innate fire element. E1: Thrust
Lu Xun Twin Sabers C1 shoots floating red orb with innate fire element. E6: Eclipse(1st charge)
Ma Chao Iron Spear C6 has a shockwave effect. Moon/Fan
Meng Huo Nanman Gauntlets C1 charge forward 3 times on all fours E6: Moon
Pang De Twin Picks C6 hits once. Musou doesn't push back enemy when caught. Crescent(2nd charge)/Fan
Pang Tong Vision Staff C1 plants the staff on the ground and shoot a green orb from his hand. E6: Eclipse
Sima Yi Strategist Fan C1 shoots floating ice orb with innate ice elemental. C6 shoots a beam infront, diagonal right, diagonal left and infront. E6: Fan
Sun Ce Tonfa C1 forward foot stomp with the right foot causing a small AoE. C6 can be repeated up to 6 punches. E6: Crescent
Sun Jian Fang Sword C1 spins only once. C6 frontal downward slash to the left. C5 Natural Fire Element E1: Crescent
Sun Quan Wolf Sword C1 stomp with the left foot forward causing a small AoE. C5 has natural fire element. C6 counterclockwise spinning frontal slash with the Sword held backwards. None
Sun Shang Xiang Chakram No difference Thrust/Eclipse
Taishi Ci Twin Rods - None
Wei Yan Double Voulge C1 does a front flip slash with the left side of the Voulge followed by another flip using the right side, despite the animation it only hits once. C6 spins the Voulge on his left wrist, press charge repeatedly to spin it more ending with a frontal slash after the 4th spin, will not happen if ended early. None
Xiahou Dun Scimitar C1 dashes forward then does an frontal slash to the left, press charge again to do a slash to the right. C6 does a frontal slash to the right then does a spinning frontal slash to the left. None
Xiahou Yuan Battle Rod C1 shoots a series 5 arrows forward, can be repeated up to 4 times, last volley has a chance to freeze(?). C6 does a frontal smack to the left then right, can be repeated up to 5 times. None
Xiao Qiao  Double Fans C1 repeated downward slaps, C6 roll into a fan and spin forward, similar to Musou Pierce/Fan
Xing Cai Long Fork

C1 hoping spin (First half of Moon). Dash attack is the same as weapon, but the dash is greatly extended.

E6: Fan
Xu Huang Battle Axe C1 extends the left hand forward creating a small AoE. C6 slams the Axe on the ground creating AoE shockwave on a wide area, unlike Moon Emblem he uses his foot for this one. None
Xu Zhu Great Club Running attack can be repeated for up to 4 rolls. C1 stomps the ground infront while placing the Club behind his head creating a small AoE. C6 does small hops forward followed by a jumping butt stomp with a small AoE, hop can be repeated up to 3 times. None
Yuan Shao Noble Sword C6 swing Sword to the left creating a shockwave. Thrust/Fan
Yue Ying War Spear C6 doesn't have the shockwave at the end. Thrust/Eclipse
Zhang Fei Bronze Pike C1 stomps back with the right foot creating a small AoE. C6 stomps the ground with the right foot creating a large AoE. None
Zhang He Iron Claws C1 a series of flips Inward and outward flips that can be repeated 3 time. C6 a swaying left slash repeated by pressing again True Musou attack explosion is much bigger. Musou's slower and hard to control. None
Zhang Jiao Sorcerer's Staff C1 stomp the ground creating an AoE. C6 hold staff at full reach and swing slowly back and forth while releasing a plume of fire. JC is 360 release of fire. None
Zhang Liao Pole Blade C1 is a very fast forward dash attack, press charge again to do a frontal slash to the left. E6: Eclipse
Zhao Yun Bronze Spear C1 does a sliding forward thrust attack. C6 does small hopping frontal slash to the right. None
Zhen Ji Flute Jump charge is executed faster(no backflip before playing the Flute). Thrust/Eclipse
Zhou Tai Eastern Sword C1 has Vorpal on last hit. Musou does collapse instead of juggle. Crescent/Thrust
Zhou Yu Iron Sword C1 shoots a floating red orb with innate fire element. C6 does a frontal slash to the right. None
Zhu Rong Boomerang

Musou does collapse instead of juggle.Jump Charge does a wide fire blast like Zhang Jiao Jump Charge,

Zhuge Liang Feather Fan All orbs launched by C1 or C6 wind's opponents. C6 launches 3 yellow orbs one after the other. Thrust
Zuo Ci Cursed Deck C1 single tap for Fire orb, double tap for Ice orb. Thrust/Fan

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