Stop Black market

Grade: D

Quest NPC: Generals with Commerce

Major Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Minor Domestic Bonus: Military / Peace

Players: 2

Time: 14:55


Both Players Need to Get 1000K.Os between them

So K.O in the Areas Marked Troops (dont stray to further then the Top Set of Troops) While your getting K.Os you will hear the Merchant and Zhong Liang talking.

After awhile the Messenger will tell you it is Now time to break up the meeting! (roughly 5mins) You will now have 1min to defeat both the Merchant and Zhong.

Rank Condition Reward
S Total 1000 K.Os , Defeat the enemy Commander and Corrupt Merchant within 1 minute after the Messenger said it would be the best time Dragon Amulet x5, Granite Belt x2
A Have both players defeat 200 Enemies, Defeat Enemy Commander and Corrupt Merchant after the trade has been made at 5:00 Dragon Amulet x3
B  ??  ??
C Defeat only the corrupt merchant after trade is completed? Dragon Amulet x1, 250 Gold
D Defeat Enemy Commander and corrupt Merchant when he first appears Dragon Amulet x1, 100 Gold
E  ?? 450 Gold


Video Of Quest

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