Furniture used for the Storage of Weapons/Items/ClothesEdit


5 Space Wardrobe 10 Space Wardrobe 20 Space Wardrobe
Wardrobe Wardrobe 20wardrobe
50 Space Lavish Wardrobe 90 Space Expensive Wardrobe
Lavish Wardrobe Lavish Wardrobe

Wardrobes once placed in your House allow you to hold (depending on the Wardrobe) X amount of EACH type of Gear (example) 5 Space Wardrobe = 5 Head, 5 Body, 5 Hands, 5 Feet & 5 Capes)


Storage Chest (Holds 20) Large Storage Chest (Holds 30) Large Tool Chest (Holds 50)
Storage Chest Tool Chest Tool Chest

Chest Furniture allows you to increase the Max of each item type you can hold from 9 to 20 (Storage) or from 9 to 30 (Tool) you can Only have 1 of these types of Chest in your House.



Armories can hold 4 Weapons Maximum. Depending on the Size of your House (see Antiques Dealer or Quarters  for more Information) you can have up to a Maximum of 18 Armories.

Items ShelfEdit

Item Shelf (+5) Item Shelf 2 (+10) Item Shelf 3 (+20) unreleased
Item Shelf GItemshelf GItemshelf2

Item Shelfs will allow you to carry an Additional 5 types of Items, you may have a Maximum of 6 in your House, And a maximum of four Item Shelf 2's.

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