0 flask

Grade: B

Quest NPC: Clerk

Major Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Minor Domestic Bonus: Peace

Players: 1

Time: 9:55

Strat ~

Simple Quest, Defeat the 4 Bandits without upgrading ANY Tempers.

Attack x2, Defence x2 and Max Speed are OK

Weather is Always RAIN

The 4 ALL Have some sort of high Armor Level.

Rank Condition Reward
S Defeat the 4 Bandits with out Flasking ANY Tempers

Feather Amulet x2, Hurricane Card x4, Liquid Dye x1, Anti-steel element+2 x2

A - -
B - -
C - Peacock Amulet x4
D ~


E ~ ~


Video of Quest
DWO Quest - 強まれば弱まらん04:08

DWO Quest - 強まれば弱まらん

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