Decrotive Furniture that also has Interactive MenusEdit


Bed Bed (Framed)
Bed1 Bed2
Bed (Expensive) Canopy Bed
Bed3 Bed4

Awards ChestEdit

Awards Chest

The Awards Chest allows the Equiping of Titles

Book ShelfEdit

Book Shelf

Book Shelf when placed in your House will allow you to view your Chronicles


??? ???

Shipping Desk/DeskEdit

Shipping Desk

Having a Shipping Desk in your House will allow you to Send Weapons, Gear, Items to other Players on your Friends list. You can also use all the Functions of a basic Desk

A Desk however (you will get a Desk in your House when you create a new Character) will only allow the Writing and Sending of Mail and the Pick Up of Promo goods.

War AnnalsEdit

War recordes

War Annals allows you to View battle Statistics -

Quest's Completed, number of times completed and highest Rank achived.

Battle Fought / Won / Lost

Time Played

Battle Title Stats

Memories (gained upon Scenario End)

Reincarnation OrbEdit


Reincarnation Orb once placed into your house Allows Reincarnation for Players with Over 200 Honor, you can buy a Reincarnation Orb for AP or Complete 2 Musou Boards. Click the link for more info on Reincarnation.

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