Grade: C

Quest NPC: Kunlun Nymph  at any faction plaza(Not Kunlun) and Nobunyaga

Major Domestic Bonus: All + 20

Players: 1

Time: 4:00

A limited time crossover quest of Nobunyaga no Yabou with Dwo.This quest can only be done 1 time per account.

Taking the Quest

1-Talk to the Kunlun nymph at any plaza and agree to take the quest she has.

2-Then find Oda Nobunyaga at courtyard and talk to him


3-Afterwards find another special event cat at market that "!" symbol on it's head


4.With that done,the quest can now be done with Clerk.


1.From player starting position,hurriedly flask attack and defense and then procedd to  "1" spot and defeat A Zhi .After defeating him,time will extend to 15 min.


2.Then at spot "2" many yellow troop will appear.Head there and defeat them all.


3.After dealing that,another batch of yellow troop will near " 3" with this time all of the yellow troop is Juggernaunt.Destroy them all.


4.After destroying all the yellow jug,Nobunyaga will begin searching for a spot,Is better that player head to the center of the map so that player can reach to the spot faster.Once a spot is pinpoited,head there and watch as some spot of the forest is in fire.(This spot is random location)


5.With the forest is been burned,multiple general dot will appear.Find the one with A Zhi and defeat him to finish the quest.There is no penalty for  defeatng the subordinate of him.


6.Afterwards,report the quest to the kunlun nymph and then talk to Nobunyaga and then talk back to the kunlun nymph to finish the quest:


Complete this quest or fail it with time run out.Lower grade doesn;t exist.

Rank Reward

Nobunyaga Cape ,3 of all Gems ,

+22 on all domestic stats


「真‧三國無雙 Online」×「信喵之野望」聯合活動 限定特務『信喵在此!』07:27

「真‧三國無雙 Online」×「信喵之野望」聯合活動 限定特務『信喵在此!』

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