Grade: B

Quest NPC: Antiques Dealer

Major Domestic Bonus: Peace

Minor Domestic Bonus: Distribution

Players: 1

Strat ~

  1. Defeat the Theif and his troops where you start
  2. Head to Point 2 and Defeat all the Troops here (more will appear when you arrive/attack)
  3. Head to Point 3 and defeat all the yellow Troops in this area. 3a. head towards the north West Base. as you approach a (map ping) will indicate its time to heads towards point 4
  4. Defeat the Officer here (has Hyper Armor). he will be a decoy the real boss will now appear at point 5
  5. Defeat the Boss (Hyper Armor) to get the Censer and end the Quest.

Rank Condition Reward

Time: 9:55+

Lily seed x2
Steel element+1 x2
Crystalline Scroll x1, Liquid Dye x1

A Time: 8:55

Dragon Amulet x4
Herbal Elixir x2


Time: 6:55

Dragon Amulet x4
Herbal Elixir x1


Time: 4:55

Dragon Amulet x4

D Time: 2:55

Dragon Amulet x3


Time: 0:01

Dragon Amulet x1
300 Gold


Video of Quest
DWO Quest - The Censer of Longevity03:17

DWO Quest - The Censer of Longevity

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