The Little Conqueror Quest
Little con

Grade: Wu Chronicle Quest

Quest NPC: Historian

You must defeat all of the enemy officers in the quest. You have to do a lot of running around so a weapon with high speed is recommended:

  • First you must defeat Liu Yao's officers, Chen Heng, Yu Mi, Fan Neng, Xue Li, and Zhang Ying. The map will ping their locations and they are all in the southern part of the map. Huang Gai should help you take care of most of them.
  • Once you kill them, Taishi Ci will appear a little to the north. He is VERY powerful, but Sun Ce will help you kill him. Just wait for Sun Ce to take Taishi Ci's health down to a tiny silver bit of life and then kill him. Sun Ce cannot die, so don't worry about his health.
  • Next, you must kill Liu Yao, most of the time Zhou Yu should be able to help you one shot him.
  • Next, head to the northwest part of the map and defeat Yan Yu and Yan Baihu.
  • After defeating them head to the northeast part of the map to defeat Xu Gong and Yu Fan. There is a barricade you have to break along the way so try to get some damage+ before this. During this time try to also get a Max Speed boost.
  • Afterwords Da Qiao will be ambushed and you must save her by killing Zhou Xin. When you reach Da Qiao she should actually be able to one shot Zhou Xin. But he isn't hard by any means. Try to get a Max Speed boost at this time.
  • Finally, make your way back to the northeastern part of the map to kill Wang Lang.

Finish the quest before the timer reaches 5:36 to S rank it.

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 4:55

Little Conqueror Chronicle

(Can be viewed using a Bookshelf)


Video of Quest
Coming Soon

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