Grade: E

Quest NPC: Antiques Dealer

Major Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Minor Domestic Bonus: Distribution

Players: 1

Time: 11:56

"As I was making my way here, I heard about this sage... A strange sage who is known as the Master Mathematician. His philosophy is that the world revolves around numbers and he challenges his opponents with numeric quizzes. Actually, it's more about defeating his pupils in battle than a real quiz. How about it? Will you challenge the sage?"

Strat ~

First the Sage will ask you to defeat a multipule of 21, then enter the Eastern Base (circled in red on above Map). Easiest way is to defeat 21 then enter the base.

Secondly the Sage will ask you to defeat a multipule of 35, then enter the Eastern Blue Base. again Easiest way is to defeat 35 then enter the base.

Thirdly the sage will ask for a multipule of 63, then again enter the Eastern Blue Base. as above defeat 63 and enter the base.

Lastly you will be asked to defeat a multipule of 21, 35, 63 the enter the Allied Supply Base (circled in green on the above Map). defeat 315 then head to the Supply Base.

Quest Finished.

Another Strat ~

Just defeat 315 then enter the Eastern Blue Base. ~ wait as he goes through the motions of asking for 35 - 63 then once he has confirmed 63 run to the Allied Supply Base

If you surpass the number you are going for please refer to the table below for the next number you will need.

21 42 63 84 105 126 147
35 70 105 140 175 210 245
63 126 189 252 315 378 441
Final 315 630 945 ~ ~ ~

Rank Condition Reward

Time: 7:10

600 Gold
A Time: 4:18 300 Gold
B Time: 2:50 250 Gold
C Time: 1:20 200 Gold
D Time: 1:19 150 Gold
E 1000 kill regardless of time 100 Gold


Video Of Quest


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