Myst Zhang

Grade: A

Quest NPC: Generals with Military Bonus

Major Domestic Bonus: Military

Minor Domestic Bonus: Distribution / Peace

Players: 1

Time: 14:55

Start ~

Simple Task

  1. Defeat Fake Zhang Jiao
  1. Defeat Fake Zhang He
  1. Defeat Fake Zhang Liao
  1. Defeat Fake Zhang Fei (Hyper Armor)

Any Weapon with Ground Based Musou (i.e. Noble Sword, Tyrant Sword, Long Sword, Twin Sabers) and Low Flasks with Attack x2 Can do this Quest Quick and painless. all 4 Generals are close to Crates (Imperial Seal)

Rank Conditions Rewards
S Time: 6:10 Random Dragon Spear (R4 Zhao Yun Weapon) x1

Fire Orb x3, Fur x4, Wind Scroll x1

A Time: 5:10

Random Level 3 Weapon x1 Fire Orb x 2 Dragon Amulet x4

B Time: 4:10 ??
C Time:2min Random Level 2 Weapon x1 Dragon Amulet x3 Fire Orb x2
D Time: 1min ??
E Time: - ??


Video of Quest
オンライン真·三國無双 - 神秘張S(Dynasty Warriors Online - The Mysterious Zhang S)04:46

オンライン真·三國無双 - 神秘張S(Dynasty Warriors Online - The Mysterious Zhang S)

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