Mystic spring map

Grade: C

Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Major Domestic Bonus: Peace

Minor Domestic Bonus: Military

Players: 1

Time: 17:55

Rescue the Missing troops.

(Missing Troops are the Blue Dot on my Map > in Game they are normal Troops but their Captain has Hyper Armor, first set of Troops on the right as you exit Base 5)

Strat ~

From the Start point head towards Point 1 Flask Attack/Damage as you go but..

  1. Defeat the Mystic here befor time reaches 15:00
  1. Defeat the Mystic at Point 2
  1. Defeat the Mystic at Point 3
  1. Defeat the Mystic at Point 4
  1. Defeat the Mystic at Point 5
  1. Real Mystic will appear at Point 6, Defeat him
  1. Quest Completed

Any Mystics that appear that i have not marked do NOT need to be killed. and any that reappear also do NOT need to be killed.

Rank Condition Reward
S Time 8:00 Storm Card x5, Aged Wine x2

Crystalline Tortoise Scroll Recipe

A Time 5:15 Storm Card x4, Aged Wine x1
B Time 4:45 Storm Card x3
C Time 3:15 -
D Time 1:15 -
E Time 0:01 -


Video of Quest
Coming Soon

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