Prisoner and goods

Grade: D

Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Major Domestic Bonus: Military

Minor Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Players: 1

Time: 14:55

Strat ~ Rescue Tai Bai and Recover the Wine

  1. Defeat The 2 Bandits near where you start (suggest Bandit Tai then Bandit Wine)
  2. Next head West and Capture the 3 Bases till you find The Wine.
  3. Once you have found The Wine head towards the West (where Boss Appears) there will be a Wall in the wall so Flask Damage or Bring a Card item.
  4. Next if you Found the Wine in Base A on the Left then take Base A on the Right to rescue Tai Bai (same applies for Bases B - C)
  5. Finally once you have Rescued Tai Bai the Bandit Chief will appear, Defeat him to complete the Quest

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 7:10 Large Flask x2, Feather Amulet x1, Wind Belt Recipe
A Finish Before 3:25 Large Flask x2
B Finish before time run out, defeat Bandit Chief Large Flask x1
C Unknown 400 Gold
D Finished Did not defeat Bandit Chief 300 Gold
E Unknown 200 Gold


Video Of Quest
Dynasty Warriors Online The Prisoner and Goods S06:38

Dynasty Warriors Online The Prisoner and Goods S

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