7 wise men

Grade: D

Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Major Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Minor Domestic Bonus: Technology

Players: 1

Time: 14:55

Strat ~ Defeat the 7 Wise Men and K.O 400 +

Wise Man 7 will NOT appear untill 1-6 have been defeated

  1. From the Start point Head to point 1 and Defeat the Wise Man
  2. Next Head to Wise Man 2, you will have to go up the steps and jump over the Wall
  3. Head out the south exit and work your way around to Wise Man 3
  4. Cut through Base 2 and head West to Wise Man 4 (between the Tents)
  5. Double back then head North through Base 1 then go around it to Wise Man 5
  6. North Again to Wise Man 6.
  7. Wise Man 7 will now Appear so head East towards Base 4 once through the Base you will meet Wise Man 7.
  8. Defeat him to Complete the Quest - Make Sure you have 400+ K.Os before you defeat him for S-Rank.

Rank Condition Reward
S Defeat all Seven Wise Men, Time Before: 5:10 and 400 kills

Mirror x2, Fur+1 x1, Vorpal Remedy Recipe

A Defeat all seven wise men before 5:20 Storm Card x2
B Defeat all Seven wise men before 4:00 and 336 kills Storm Card x1
C Defeat all seven wise men before 3:10 400 Gold
D Defeat all seven wise men before 1:50 300 Gold
E Defeaat all seven wise men before time runs out 200 Gold


Video Of Quest
Dynasty Warriors Online - 7 Wise Man S07:50

Dynasty Warriors Online - 7 Wise Man S.avi

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