Servered route

Grade: C

Quest NPC: Generals with Distribution

Major Domestic Bonus: Distribution

Minor Domestic Bonus: Military\Peace

Players: 4

Time: 1*:55

Start ~

Your all Start near the Allied Supply Base.

You need to Capture all 4 Bases.

Defeat the leader of the Reinforcement Troops

And then Defeat the 2 Bosses.

  • First Split up and Capture Bases. who ever captures Base 3 should head to where the Reinforcement Troops will appear and wait for them.
  • Once all bases are catured the Reinforcement Trrops will arrive. Let the player from Base 3 Handle them (You have 2mins to defeat the leader), rest of the team should move North to the Bosses location.
  • Once Reinforcement troops are dealt with.The 2 Bosses will appear. defeat them both quickly (1 has Hyper Armor)

Rank Condition Reward
S Time 10:35+ Inferno Orb x1 Enchanted Mirror x4 Large Flask x4
A Time 9:35 Enchanted Mirror x4, Gourd+1 x4
B Time 8:35 Enchanted Mirror x2 Large Flask x4


Video of Quest
Coming Soon

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