Smuggle ring

Grade: D

Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Major Domestic Bonus: Peace

Minor Domestic Bonus: Distribution

Players: 1

Time: 09:55

Strat~ Defeat the Smuggling Ring and Capture the Store House without being detected.

Stick Closly to the Yellow Path and stay away from the Bases marked in purple to Avoid being Detected.

Using the Map ->

  1. From the Start Head along the Yelow Path to Bandit 1 and Defeat him
  2. Carry on following the Yellow Path South and head to Bandit 2 and Defeat him.
  3. Double Back along the Yellow Path towards Bandit 3.
  4. As you pass through Bases 4 & 5 look for a Major saying "Who's There?" this Indicates that this is the Storehouse (If so Capture that Base). Otherwise you will see a Message saying this is not the storehouse.
  5. Now Defeat Bandit Number 3. (moving on to the Lower Map) head back along the Yellow Path (If you found the Storehouse already then there is no need to check Base 2) Head towards the Enemy Leader and Defeat him, He has Hyper Armor so you may want to use the 2 Boxes that i have marked close by. (the leader can NOT be lured very far)
  6. Once defeated the Quest is completed.

Rank Condition Reward
S All the Above with over 6:30 left

Mirror x2, Shell Amulet x1, Large Ginseng Flask recipe

A All the above with under 6:30 left or Wrong Boss Peacock Amulet x2
B - Peacock Amulet x1
C - 400 Gold
D - 300 Gold


200 Gold


Video Of Quest
Dynasty Warriors Online - The Smugling Ring S08:00

Dynasty Warriors Online - The Smugling Ring S

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