Grade: B

Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Major Domestic Bonus: Military

Minor Domestic Bonus: Peace

Players: 2

Time: 12:55

Strat ~

All bases are 4 captain bases

Using the above map. (there are barricades on the narrow paths in the North, South and East)

1. Player 1 goes North capturing bases as FAST as possible, Player 2 goes South doing the same. ALL bases (including the supply base) must be captured before the clock reaches 9:15 or it's impossible to get S-Rank.

If captured before 9:15 see part 2a. if over 9:15 see part 2b.

2a. 6 officers will appear (Hyper Armor) to the Northwest, just South of the supply base. Defeat all 6 officers as well as ALL the troops in the area around them. Then defeat the Boss who will appear on the center ship.

2b. You will now have to defeat Bowmen Captains, once they are all defeated the Boss will appear on the Ceneter Ship.

Note: It's strongly suggested that you bring a fast weapon that you can flask attack very quickly for a low amount of flasks. You only have less than 4 minutes to capture 4 Bases each. The hyper armor officers are also very strong so you will still have to attempt to flask while you're quickly capturing bases.

Rank Condition Leader Reward Partner Reward
S Capture all Bases Before 9:15

Xiqiang Cloth x1, Hua Tuo's Journal x4, Elixir x4, Weeping Plum seed x3, Wind Orb x4, Thermal Scroll x2

Hua Tuo's Journal x3, Elixir x3, Tree Peony seed x4, Thermal Scroll x1
A Capture all Bases After 9:15 -
B - - -
C - - -
D -


E - - -


Player 1
The Targeted Fleet Quest06:44

The Targeted Fleet Quest

Player 2
DWO Quest - The Targeted Fleet06:22

DWO Quest - The Targeted Fleet

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