Training castle

Grade: C

Quest NPC: Generals with Technology

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus: Distribution/Commerce

Players: 3

Time: 1

Strat ~

Each Player will have to do the frist task and then work together to complete the last 2

  • Defeat 200 Enemies & Capture the Base close to where you Start (these are ALL 4 Tower Bases)
  • Defeat 4 Drill Captains (they are found in 4 of the Marked locations, optimal routes for each player to find them are marked on the Map above)
  • Capture Base 6 with all 3 players inside (Capture ONLY when all 3 Players are in the Base, 4 Tower)

Rank Condition Reward

Time: 5:10

Wind element x4, Herbal Elixer x2

A Time: 4:01

Tortoise Amulet x2 Herbal Elixir x2







D Time: 1:32



Time : Under 1:00

Tortoise Amulet x1, 300 Gold


Video of Quest
Training Within The Castle Quest04:24

Training Within The Castle Quest

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