Training strong

Grade: C

Quest NPC: Generals with Military

Major Domestic Bonus: Military

Minor Domestic Bonus: Commerce/Technology

Players: 2

Time: 1

Strat ~

You must follow the trainer's instructions and complete the quest. Each player must perform 4 tasks.

  • Defeat 200 enemies each.
  • Take the 2 bases to the north of the map. 1x Troops, 1 x Tower each side
  • Defeat 4 Officers (4 Each Side)
  • Work together to Defeat the 8 Officers at the South of the Map

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 4:20 Elixir x4 Fire Orb x4 Wind Scroll x1

Time: 3:36

Elixir x4 Feather Amulet x4


Time: 2:39


Time 1:51

Elixir x 2


Time: 0:27

300 Gold, Elixir x1

E - -

Partner Reward is 1 Rank lower then the Rank recieved by Quest starter


Video of Quest
Coming Soon

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