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Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Grade: B

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus: Peace

Players: 2

Unlocking criteria: complete Trial of Luck and Skill

Strat ~

Both players must kill 100 enemies at the start. Then you will get 1 of the following objective:

  • Defeat 2000 enemies combined.
  • Kill 14 officers ( red ping on map).
  • Capture 8 bases (a mixture of tower , troops and captain bases)

The objective is not random. It's determined by the timer you have at the moment the players who get 100KO last get 100KO. To calculate the objective you need to looks at the number that determine the second on the timer and divide it by 15 for the remainder (for example, 9:57:13 would end up with 57 divide by 15 for 12 remainder).

The remainder determine the objective as follow:

5-9->14 officer

10-14->8 bases


After you complete the objective , the Queen and the King of the Trial will appear in the middle of the map (yellow circle)

Rank Condition Reward

Time: 4:07 Defeat both the King and Queen

Anti-steel element x4 Ink x4 Herbal Tea x3 Storage Flask x4 Blizzard Orb x2


Time: 2:59+ Defeat both the King and Queen

Hua Tuo's Journalx3 Elixir x3 Hurricane Card x5 Blizzard Orb x1

B Time: 2:00+Defeat both the King and Queen


C Time: 1:20+Defeat both the King and Queen

Tortoise Amuletx4 Hurricane Card x3

D -

Tortoise Amuletx3 Hurricane Card x1

E -

250 Gold


Video of Quest
Coming Soon

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