Vwf map

Grade: C

Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus: Distribution

Players: 1

'Time: '''14:55

Strat ~

Use a Lieutenant that has strong Attack and good Musou for this Quest. Simply Flask up your LT and let them do all the Work. You have to take 3 bases to finish the Quest. (using Map above)

1. 4 Captain's base

2. Officer Base

3. Tower Base

I suggest taking the bases in the above order to avoid to much back tracking.

for S Rank you can kill no more then 5 so be careful.

Rank Condition Reward
S 0-5 Kills Wind element x5
Tree Peony seed x2
Elixir Remedy Recipe
A 6 - 20 Kills Tortoise Amulet x4
Rain Amulet x1
B 21 - 30 Kills Tortoise Amulet x3
C 31 - 40 Kills Tortoise Amulet x2
D 41 - 50 Kills

Tortoise Amulet x1 100 Gold

E 51 - 99 Kills 450 Gold

Killing OVER 100 = Quest failed


Video Of Quest
DWO Quest - Victory Without Fighting03:58

DWO Quest - Victory Without Fighting

The reason i run around the troops is to keep them in 1 spot for the LT to kill. if you stand still the Troops will shuffle around you.

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