Decorotive Hanging Wall ScrollsEdit

Scenario Related -Edit

Three Heroes The Legend Begins Lu Bu
Wallscroll1 Wallscroll6 Wallscroll2
The Batle of Guan Du The Late Lord Guan Yu Return of the Crouching Dragon
Wallscroll3 Wallscroll5 Wallscroll4
Diao Chan's Plot Tong Gate Yi Ling
Wallscroll7 Tg scroll Yi ling wall scroll
Little Conqeror
Little conq

Event RelatedEdit

(Won't come to US Server due to copyright issues)

Tsao Tsao Beyond the Heavens 1 Beyond the Heavens 2
Animewallscroll6 Animewallscroll1 Animewallscroll2
Beyond the Heavens 3 Beyond the Heavens 3 Three Kingdoms
Animewallscroll3 Animewallscroll5 New scroll

Unrivalled General Portraits - WeiEdit

Xiahou Dun Cao Cao
Cdun wallscroll Cao wallscroll
Zhang Liao Zhang He

Unrivalled General Portraits - WuEdit

Lu Meng Xiao Qiao
Meng wallscroll Xiao wallscroll
Sun Quan Sun Shang Xiang

Unrivalled General Portraits - ShuEdit

Zhang Fei Guan Yu
Fei wallscroll GuanYuP
Zhuge Liang Pang Tong
ZhugeP PangP

Unrivalled General Potraits - OthersEdit

Yuan Shao

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