Weapons List

A complete list of all weapons in Dynasty Warriors Online (not all weapons are included on US server. - ☆ = not included). Click Advanced + for a list including mounts Advanced here.

Weapon 武器 Officer Advanced +
Crescent Blade 偃月刀 Guan Yu


Battle Axe 大斧 Xu Huang
Great Club 砕棒 Xu Zhu Godly Hammer
Iron Rod 鉄鞭 Huang Gai
Scimitar 朴刀 Xiahou Dun Godly Speed
Pirate Sword 甲刀 Gan Ning
Battle Rod 砕棍 Xiahou Yuan Fury
Twin Rods 双鞭 Taishi Ci
Hand Axe 戦斧 Dian Wei Aggression
Twin Picks 双戟 Pang De
Twin Sabers 双剣 Lu Xun Rally
Twin Maces 双錘 Diao Chan
Cudgel 長棍 DWO Exclusive Reach
Bronze Spear 直槍 Zhao Yun
Twin Fans 桜扇 Da Qiao Fortify
Strategist Fan 燕扇 Sima Yi
Vision Staff 幻杖 Pang Tong Illusion
Sorcerer's Staff 妖杖 Zhang Jiao
Iron Claws 鉄鈎 Zhang He Steadfastness
Nanman Gauntlets 蛮拳 Meng Huo
Iron Sword 鉄剣 Zhou Yu Phoenix
Tyrant Sword 獄刀 Dong Zhuo
Battle Shield 戦盤 DWO Exclusive Strong Guard
Whip 多節鞭 DWO Exclusive
Curved Voulge 長双刀 Wei Yan Leech
Pole Blade 鉤鎌刀 Zhang Liao
Noble Sword 宝剣 Yuan Shao Obliterate
Iron Spear 鉄槍 Ma Chao
Wood Nunchaku 両節棍 Ling Tong Protect
Chakrams 夏圏 Sun Shang Xiang
Bronze Pike 鉄矛 Zhang Fei Fortitude
Iron Blade 斬馬刀 Guan Ping
Boomerang 投弧刃 Zhu Rong Wither
Feather Fan 羽扇 Zhuge Liang
Wolf Sword 積刃剣 Sun Quan Perserverance
Broad Sword 将剣 Cao Cao
Eastern Sword 弧刀 Zhou Tai Majesty
Tonfa 旋棍 Sun Ce
Buckler Blade 牙壁 Cao Ren Deflect
War Blade 盤刀 Huang Zhong
Flute 鉄笛 Zhen Ji Luck
Battle Spear 戦戈 Yue Ying
Twin Blades 双刃剣 Cao Pi Acceleration
Apex Blade 尖剣 Liu Bei
Cursed Deck 呪符 Zuo Ci Sacrifice
Trident 三尖槍 Jiang Wei
Long Fork 叉突矛 Xing Cai Recovery Guard
Glaive 断戟 Lu Meng
Halberd 鉄戟 Lu Bu Berserk
- - -
Horned Blade 麟角刀 DWO Exclusive Thunder Clap
Jamadhar 穿刃 DWO Exclusive
Great Sword 巨剣 Fu Xi Boundary
Light Sword 細剣 Nu Wa
Fang Sword 牙剣 Sun Jian Resonance
 Double Fans 桃扇 Xiao Qiao
Fanged Club 狼牙棒 DWO Exclusive Gravity
Snake Sword -蛇剣 DWO Exclusive
Ogre's Fist 重手甲 DWO Exclusive Drain Guard
Dragon Barbs 龍牙鈎 DWO Exclusive
☆Marble of Corruption☆ 堕落 Da Ji Inertia Field
Gold Whip - DWO Exclusive

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