Woh's the bad one

Grade: D

Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Players: 1


Strat~ Defeat all 8 Brothers (all have Level 4 Armor )

Nice and Simply ~ use a Speedy Weapon and Defeat all 4 Red Dots and all 4 Yellow Dots

I Have also marked out what in My Opinion is an Optimal route.

Rank Condition Reward
S Defeat all 8 Brothers, Time: 6:20 Anti-steel element x2, Flat Fabric x1, Cold Elxir Recipe (Elixir + Crystalling Scroll)

Defeat all 8 Brothers before the time is up,

Defeat 4 of the Brothers before 7:00

Hua Tuo's Journal x2
B  ?? Hua Tuo's Journal x1
C  ?? 400 Gold
D  ?? 300 Gold
E Defeat 4 of the Brothers on one side before 4:00 200 Gold


Video Of Quest
DWO Quest - Who's The Bad One03:18

DWO Quest - Who's The Bad One

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